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Rakotovao Narindra, PhD student and member of CASA network, is greeted at the Laboratory of RadioIsotopes for her thesis entitled "Carbon Impact in... Read more
Appart from publishing the book on Soil Carbon for Sub-Saharah Africa, the network team also plans to publish a guide of good practice and... Read more
Scientific Officer of the international research program on ‘Soils for Food Security and Climate’(2 years position, based at INRA, Paris, France)The... Read more

The Soil Carbon Network for Sustainable Agriculture in Africa is a platform that aims promoting agriculturale practices based on the optimal management of organic materials : Soil Carbon. CASA includes, in this context, several African research institutions and European which is convinced on the need to consider soil carbon. The network involves 21 research teams from 11 African countries and from France. Its vision is to promote sustainable increase of productivity and resilience, but also the mitigation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The network organization

Pr Tantely Razafimbelo
Laboratoire des radioisotopes

Dr Martial Bernoux,
UMR Eco&sol
Madagascar, Pr Tantely Razafimbelo
Bénin, Pr Guillaume Amadji
Burkina, Pr Edmon Hien
Cameroun, Dr Oumarou Balarabe
Cote d'Ivoire, Dr Armand Koné
France, Dr Martial Bernoux
Maroc, Pr Mohamed Sabir
Mali, Dr Hamidou Konaré
Sénégal, Dr Yacine Badiane
Tchad, Pr Mackaye H. Taisso
Tunisie, Pr Tahar Gallali
Madagascar : LRI - UA
Bénin : INRAB / FSA - UAC
Burkina : SVT - UO
Cameroun : IRAD / ISS
Cote d'ivoire : LCSEP / SN/CRE / STRM
Mali : IER
Maroc : ENFIN
Sénégal : ISRA / LNRPV et UCAD / USL / CSE
Tchad : DG - UN
Tunisie : DG - FST
Téchniciens de recherche

Members' priorities

  • Replace the soil as the central support of production systems;
  • show that the mere maintenance of soil carbon is essential, especially in arid and semi-arid areas;
  • quantify the impact of management practices on carbon sequestration in the soil for various African soil and climatic conditions;
  • promote research related to civil society and development agencies;
  • facilitate access to research results to policy makers, to improve dissemination to civil society and farmers;
  • strengthen the capacity of team expertise and training.


The network is funded by PARRAF  

PDF version of PARRAF brochure

CaSA poster and CaSA flyers can be downloaded here.

CaSA involvement in international scientific events

21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC « COP 21 » : november 30th – december 11th, Bourget site, Paris

The 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC « COP 21 »  was held in december 2015, in Paris, France. The conference’s aim was to curb the way in which climate change is going. About 40 000 stakeholders were present in the conference. It was a crucial event to find a new international tradeoff on the climate which will be applicable for all, with the goal to keep global warming below 2°C. In order to take part in this international event, CaSA network member was organised a side event entitled  "Sustainable Land Management and Soil Carbon Sequestration in Sub-Saharan Africa". This session intended to illustrate how sustainable land management practices toward healthy soils can be an important component of the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) in Africa. Movies and documents (policy brief, books…) complementet the exchanges. For more details about CaSA team echoes on this event of Cop21, click here.

International Scientific Conference "Our Common future under climate change" : 7 – 10 july 2015, UNESCO, Paris

CASA network has been intensively involved in the international scientific conference "Our Common Future under climate change" held from july 7th to 10th, in Paris on the UNESCO site. For this great event, Casa Network has stood out through two oral presentations and one poster communication :

- The “ Soil Carbon Network for Sustainable agriculture in Africa” (CaSA): an open scientific group for a better consideration of CSA in Africa. (Réf : O-3325b-03)


Razafimbelo T. M., Bernoux M., Badiane N., Amadji G., Balarabe O., Hien E., Konare H., Koné A., Taisso M., Gallali T., Razakamanarivo H., Rafolisy T., Andriamananjara A., Randriamanantsoa L., Rabenarivo M., Rasoarimalala O., Rabeharisoa L., Razafimahatratra H., Becquer T., Blanchart E., Bernard L., Rakotovao N., Ramaroson V., Ravonjiarison N., Aholoukpe H., Agbossou E., Yemadje L., Ganglo J., Gouro A., Assouma M., Bilgo A.0, Belem M.0, Ali M., Ko Awono M., M’biandoun M., Wirnkar Lendzemo V., Mouhaman A., Olina Assala J., Ettien J., Kassin K., Dibi K., Tondoh J., Diouf A., Sall S., Sall A., Masse D., Garraud S., Bastard G., Balde M., Ba A., Lardy L., Komi A., Wele A., Abgassi A., Vayssiere, H. Guibert, B. Barthes, J. Chotte, A. Albrecht, M. Brossard, T. Chevallier, L. Cournac J., Blavet D., Clermont-Dauphin C., Deleporte P., Grinand C., Salgado P., Manlay R., Sabir M., Bockel L.

This first oral communication submitted by Pr Razafimbelo Tantely, Casa Network coordinator, was focused on the presentation of the network as a platform assembling scientists convinced of the necessity to build knowledge allowing a better consideration of Soil Carbon for a sustainable agriculture in Africa.

- Agroecological practices adopted by Malagasy farmers to reduce farms carbon footprint in the Central (Itasy) and East Coast (Analanjirofo) of Madagascar (Réf : O-2218-03)

Rakotovao N.; Razakaratrimo J.; Razafimbelo TM.; Rakotosamimanana S. ; Jahiel M.; Albrecht A.; Deffontaines S.

The second one is an oral communication presented by Narindra Rakotovao, PhD student hosted at LRI - Madagascar (Laboratoire des radioisotopes) and actif member of CaSa Network.

- Dealing with integrated soil research and training to face climate change, overcome land degradation and ensure food securing in Madagascar (Réf : P-3325-02)

H. Razakamanarivo ; T. Rafolisy; A. Andriamananjara; TM. Razafimbelo ; L. Rabeharisoa ; M. Bernoux ; A. Albrecht ; T. Chevallier ; JL. Chotte; L. Bernard ; T. Becquer ; J. Trap ; M. Brossard ; C. Feller ; L. Chapuis-Lardy ; J. Larvy-Delarivière ; D. Masse ; E. Blanchart.

The last was a poster communication which has exhibited research results relate to the way we can face climate change, overcome land degradation and ensure food securing in Madagascar by dealing with integrated soil research and training. The study was conducted by Dr Razakamanarivo Herintsitohaina (Lecture rat RadioIsotopes Laboatory – Madagascar and actif member of CaSA Network) et al.

Side-Events of « Our Commun Futur Under Climate Change» in which CaSA network members have actively participated

In addition to classical sessions programmed on this International Scientific Conference « Our Common Future under climate change »,  different « Side events » was as well organised. Among the side events in which CaSA network have actively participated were :

- the side-event entitled  « Soil Carbon sequestration : towards an international research program and action plan » was held on July 7th, 2015 by INRA, CIRAD and IRD at INRA headquarters in Paris. Pr Razafimbelo Tantely, CaSA network coordinator and researcher working at RadioIsotopes Laboratory was among the keynote speakers. The side event was particularly focused on the international program initiated by the French Minister for agriculture : « 4 per mil ». This international action aims to improve soil organic carbon stock to 4 per mil per year (4‰). For more informations, click here.

- the side-event entitled « Soil, Forest and Agriculture : what are the challenges to face climate change in Madagascar ? » was held on June 22nd at Panorama Hotel, Antananarivo, Madagascar by LRI (Laboratoire des Radioisotopes, Madagascar) in consortium with the IRD, the GTCC, the MESupReS and BNCCC. This event was labelled by the General Secretary of COP21-CMP11 (Paris in November-December 2015). The objective is to bring some scientist elements and arguments to help official documents conception such as  CPDN (planned contributions determined nationally), "Negotiating Texts" and pleading documents to prepare Madagascar’s contribution for COP21. Pr Tantely Razafimbelo, CaSA network coordinator and researcher working at RadioIsotopes Laboratory was among the keynote speakers. Her speech began with CaSA network presentation including its goal, its past, present and future activities. She has emphasized network involvement to international scientific event related to its topic such as : "Our Common Future Under Climate Change" and "COP 21". CaSA poster was exhibited at the exhibition hall and flyers distributed to those who wished to learn more about the network's activities. For further information, click here.

CaSA network statement on "4‰"

During the 3rd global Science Conference « Climate Smart Agriculture » held in Montpellier, France, on 16-18 March 2015, Stéphane Le Foll, French Minister of Agriculture, Agribusiness and Forestry has connoted an international research project on the restoration of degraded soils and soil carbon sequestration. The project title is « le 4 pour mille ». The purpose of the programme is to promote agronomic research in order to improve organic matter stock in the soil. By Sharing the same goal with CaSA network, this program has generated a great deal of interest for its members. A press realease was, in this regard, drawn up suggesting the network  involvement in the international program and in defending the  importance of African soils in carbon stocks and in tackling climate change.   The press release is available here.


Localisation des pays membres